Spirally-welded quality steel pipes and tubings are main products of IPI. Its mills permit the manufacture of steel pipes in diameters of 4 in.-118 in.(100mm-3,000mm) with wall thickness of 0.13 in.- 0.63 in(3.4 mm-16mm), and lengths up to 164 ft.(50).

There are a number of other products: pressure and storage tanks for water, oil, gas and chemicals; all types of couplings, joints flanges, gaskets; smoke stacks from 8 in.-48 in. in diameter to any desired height which can be supplied with protective coating; special fittings such as bends, tees, wyes, and crosses depending upon job specifications (IPI pipes are rendered protective coating and/or lining against corrosion). For outside surface protection, reinforced cement mortar coating(weight coating), coal tar enamel with thermo glass wrapping, and polyurethane or epoxy coating are applied. For internal protection, cement and epoxy linings are used.

Finished products can be transported most economically and fastest by barge since the plant is located near the Marikina river. Deliveries can also be made by truck or railroad to any point in the Philippines, or by ship to outports for deliveries abroad.The spacious plant site provides for extensive storage, curing and fabricating.


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The following outside coating methods are available at the IPIC Plant in Pasig City, Philippines.

1. Polyurethane
2. Coal Tar Enamel & Bonded
3. Coal Tar Enamel & Bonded Double Thermoglass Wrap
4. Coal Tar Enamel, Fibrous Glass Mat & Bonded Thermoglass Wrap
5. Epoxy Cating
6. Cement Mortar Coating

All pipe coating are inspected using high voltage Holiday detection equipment. The above external protection and coating meet BSS, AWWA, DIN or other standards as specified.


The following inside lining processes are available at the IPIC Plant in Pasig City, Philippines. Technicians, especially trained abroad, supervise the linings jobs.

1. Centrifugally spun Cement Mortar Lining to AWWA C210.
2. Epoxy Lining to AWWA C210.

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