Established in 1964, IPI has developed a "strong solid experience" in providing quality steel pipe products of various requirements in the industry, servicing clienteles all over the Philippines, ASEAN countries and U.S. territories.  
IPI, having met the approval of the American Petroleum Institute, was awarded the API monogram (API Standard 5LS), the first in Southeast Asia, per certificate no. 8026 dated April 9, 1970.  
As a manufacturer of spiral pipe production and protection machinery, IPI was also the first in Asia and fifth in the world whose equipment was extensively tested and approved by a major international oil company for export and meeting API standard line pipe production.  
To ensure the strictest adherence in meeting the highest standards in all its products, IPI maintainsits internal quality control staff as part of its normal pipe production operations. It also welcomes third party inspection group, if the customer so requires.  
IPI initiated the Krakatau Hoogovens International Pipe Industries (K.H.I. - P.T.) which is now the largest and most modern steel pipe plant in Indonesia. This project included tha sale and export of IPI manufactured pipe-making, testing and pipe protection machinery, as well as design, installation and technical knowhow.  

International Pipe Industries Corp. (IPI) is the pioneer manufacturer of large-diameter spiral welded pipes and machinery fabrication in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and has been producing quality pipes for the last 33 years. IPIC is the only company to date that has secured the American Petroleum Institute (API) monogram in the Philippines. IPI was also the first company in the Southeast Asia to pioneer in the design and exportation of high-tension transmission poles, weight coating of submarine line pipe and non-tension and pre-tension concrete pressure pipes.

Having developed the technical skills and management expertise, IPI initiated a joint venture for a pipe plant in Indonesia, the Krakatau Hoogovens International Pipe Industries (KHI-PT), which IPI managed for 13 years.

Although possessing a vast knowledge through experience, IPI will continue to maintain the tradition of providing quality products and professional technical services by further improving its production facilities and procedures that has enable it to lead the way in pipe making procedures. This is reflected through IPI's various innovations in its coating methods using the latest in polyurethane coating technology.

Inherent in all the subsidiaries of Gonzalo Puyat and Sons, Inc., IPI is committed to give its clients value for money by providing only the highest quality products at the least cost, continuous improvement of manufacturing processes, constant use of standard materials without compromise and committed upgrading of Research and Development with adherence to strict quality control standards.

Edgardo P. Reyes
President, International Pipe Industries

Local Water Utilities Administration
  Authorized to use Official Monogram
American Petroleum Institute
Std 5LS: Spiral-Weld Line Pipe Specification
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